Are you a business owner offering a personal service such as coaching, training or consultancy?


Are you feeling a bit stuck and would like to ignite the fun, energy and passion you have for your work?


Would you like to understand yourself and your business so you can take more action and reach more clients in the simplest, easiest and most enjoyable way?

I can help.


I can remember it as if it was yesterday. 

My eyes were scanning around the staffroom, looking at all the other male teachers there that day.

“Which one will I become?” 

In that slightly strange moment, I realised I needed a change – I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I didn’t want to be there in another ten years. 

But what next? My teaching career had just come to an end, what would I do? 

The answer came surprisingly quickly – I wanted to get in to business. 

And despite a lack of relevant qualifications, in August 1999, the adventure in business began. 

Except it didn’t start well – In fact by 11am the first morning, I was locked in the toilet, phoning my Dad; telling him I thought I’d made a terrible mistake and what did he suggest. 

The ‘advice’ my father gave me, I honestly believe has shaped everything I have done since then, and it was a catalyst for the most ridiculous, yet exciting insight I’d had to that point. 

He said; “You got yourself in to this, you get yourself out of it…” 

Not the heart rendering speech I was hoping for, but as I walked back into the factory, a crazy thought occurred to me. 

“Well if I’m stuck here, I might as well run the place” 

So ridiculous as to be untrue, and yet it gave me enough energy to move forward. 

I reckoned it would take me 6 years to become CEO – in actual fact it only took four. 

During that time we turned the company around and I learned more about people and business than at any other time of my life. 

This meant making the changes that needed to be made – from focusing more clearly on the customers needs, to investing in our staff, to simplifying structures and processes to involve everyone. My aim was to make everything as easy as possible. 

And most importantly we fell in love with what we were doing – that’s what made it all possible. 

Until July 2009 – when I realised I wasn’t happy. 

I’d lost my father in the May and that had hit me hard – far harder than I was ready to admit. 

It was as if everything I had deemed important now seemed irrelevant. 

I was working long and hard, but that spark had gone – it was time to change. 

I’d always dreamed of doing something on my own – and so my journey in to coaching and consulting began. 

My clients became private individuals wanting to make significant changes in their lives, fellow coaches looking to build their businesses; and schools needing improvement but struggling to make the changes needed to be outstanding. 

Ten years on and I’m more passionate than ever to help fellow professionals create the changes they need to do work that they love, make a difference in the world and create a boutique business – without the drama that is so often associated with ‘change’.



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Ignite Your Business Mastermind

This is a 12 week group programme running three times per year.

The primary objective is to get you out of your stuck state in your business, and into action that is more fun, energetic, and aligned to your values.

I do that through a combination of sharing simple business strategies that get results and igniting your natural creativity to shape your business in the way that you love.

The programme is perfect for you if you love the idea of creating a boutique business/ practice that fits in perfectly with your chosen lifestyle.

For example for me, my family life takes number one priority over my work – all of my work scheduling is built around that; not the other way around – and that might be something that you’d love to do to?

You only need to pay for the Mastermind once, and can participate as many times as you like.

For those who want the experience, you can offer to be a mentor for future iterations of the group – this is a fantastic way to evolve your own skills and help the hundreds of people who want to do good in the world, but are a bit stuck at the moment.

To find out if the IYB Mastermind is a good fit for you, simply complete the questionnaire available here.


One-to-One Programmes

If you are looking to develop your business and yourself then you might prefer to work with me one to one.

We design the programme together so that it’s a tailored fit.

If you have a sense that there is something you might like my help with, book a call via my online calendar here – and we can have an initial chat about it.

I won’t sell to you – we create something together that is a perfect fit for what you want, or we leave it for now.

We move together, every step of the way.

To give you an idea – I have created programmes for people like yourself for 30 days, 3 or 6 months or my 1 year apprentice programme.

Projects have ranged from start ups, personal development, to creating a business that can ‘run in your absence’. So what would you love to create, and how can I help?


Paid Web Classes

Get your questions answered on a particular topic – past topics have included:

  • How to become a ‘Market of One’
  • LinkedIn for beginners (coming Spring 2019)
  • Selling the Invisible – how to sell to people who don’t know you and don’t understand what you do.


Free Resources

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Online Courses 

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