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My Unicorn life


Join us for a transformative 6-week journey exploring the extraordinary possibilities in life that seem to happen ‘as if by magic’. This program delves into why sometimes things just effortlessly fall into place, from unexpected clients to sudden financial windfalls, health improvements, finding your soulmate, or a sudden business boom.

programme Details

Duration: 6 weeks
Sessions: 6 group calls (one per week)
Dates: July and August

What You’ll Get

Engaging weekly group calls to discuss and uncover the secrets of living a life full of surprising and delightful moments. Access to a dedicated messenger group for
sharing insights, realisations, and continuous support.

Why Join?

This light-hearted and fun exploration will help you:
– Expand your awareness and openness to a life beyond your current imagination.
– Learn to step aside and let extraordinary events unfold effortlessly.
– Experience joy and fulfillment without the need for hard work.




If you’re interested in finding out more about joining this unique adventure leave your details below and I’ll get back to you.